We have been in the knife and scissor sharpening business since 1978

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best sharpening service available. We sharpen all types of knives: kitchen, hunting, utility, and serrated. We can also sharpen your household scissors, high end sewing shears, and professional quality hair cutting shears. High Performance hair shears are sharpened by hand using this finest sharpening and polishing materials.  Most sharpening takes just overnight for our local customers who can drop off one day and pick up the next. We have the same turn around time for customers who want to mail in their sharpening. It will be sent back the day after we receive it sharpened and ready to get back to work. Call us for our ship-in rates and for shipping pricing.



Estimated Sharpening Rates

Standard Kitchen Knives $.75 per inch (3.50 minimum per knife)
Utility/Hunting--$1.00 per inch
Gardening Shears-- $12-$20
Small Nail Scissors--$8
Household & Sewing Shears-- $8-$12
High Performance Hair Shears-- $19-$25
Paper Cutters-- $1.50 per inch ($18.00 minimum)